Amateur Athletic Union


  1. U.S.G.A. rules will govern all play except as modified by local rules. The AAU Tournament Committee must approve local rules. Decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final on all interpretation of the rules of golf, local rules and regulations.
  2. Local Rules
    1. Lateral Hazards are marked with either RED lines or RED stakes.
    2. Water Hazards are marked with either YELLOW lines or YELLOW stakes.
    3. Out of Bounds marked by WHITE Stakes or inside edge of paved roads.
    4. Unmarked "Ground Under Repair" Rule 3.3, play two Balls, decision will be made by Committee at the end of the round.
  3. PLAYERS: Must check in at the registration area at least 15 minutes before their tee times. Be at the first tee ready to play 5 minutes before your tee off time. The penalty for being late to the tee is 2 strokes. Penalty for lateness beyond 5 minutes is disqualification. (Rule 6-3)
  4. The use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol or any betting between competitors is prohibited. Violators will be disqualified!!
  5. Any display of temper such as club throwing, cussing, hollering etc. may be grounds for a 2 stroke penalty or in extreme cases, disqualification. Damage to the golf course, grounds or buildings will result in disqualification the player will be liable for repairs.
  6. During competition, when a shuttle is furnished between holes or during play, ONLY an AAU authorized cart may transport players. Players may not ride any unauthorized cart. Penalty is 2 strokes and disqualification for repeated offenses. EXCEPTION if there is a suspension of play, any way to get to safety is approved.
  7. RAINOUT POLICY: The Committee will decide the number of stipulated holes for the tournament. In case of suspension they will select a hole that is sure to be completed by all competitors. Consideration and decisions will be final and for the players' health and safety.
  8. LIGHTNING POLICY: Each player is responsible for determining danger from lightning and does not need committee permission to seek shelter. If the suspends play by(1) ONE LONG OF A HORN, ALL PLAYERS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. You do not have the option to finish the hole. (2) Two short blasts to start play. Penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification.
  9. DARKNESS POLICY: The committee will be the final decision for ending the round due to darkness. In case of suspension they will select a hole that was completed by all competitors. That hole shall be the final scheduled hole for that day.
  10. SPECTATORS: Players are responsible for spectators action. Spectators must stay 25 yards away and to the side of the players. Any spectator either directly in front or behind the player will be in violation of Rule 8. Penalty will be 2 strokes.
  11. COACHING OR ADVICE: Any conversation between spectator and the player will be considered advice and a violation of Rule 8. USGA approved Range Finders and SkyCaddies are approved. Penalty for use of a non USGA approved device is disqualification.
  12. SCORECARDS: Return signed and attested scorecards immediately upon completion of play to the scoring table. A scorecard is officially "returned" when the player has left the immediate area of the scoring table without the scorecard.
  13. DECIDING TIES: A playoff will be used to decide First Place only. All other ties will be decided by a match of cards as described in the USGA Attachment 1. The Player is responsible to be present for any playoff.
  14. WITHDRAWL: Withdrawal prior to July 20th :-- 90% Refund, NO refund after July 20th.. A Player that has a Medical Doctor proof after July 20th - 90% Refund.