Amateur Athletic Union


The Tournament Officials will rigorously enforce the following spectator cart rules.

  1. U.S.G.A. rules will govern all play except as modified by local rules. The AAU Tournament Committee must approve local rules. Decisions of the Tournament Committee will be final on all interpretation of the rules of golf, local rules and regulations.
  2. Spectators and spectator carts must stay on the cart path or off to the side of the golfer
  3. Carts may only move forward on the golf course (from tee to green) except in case of weather evacuation.
  4. Carts may not move while competitors are playing a stroke
  5. Only 2 people per cart are allowed except during evacuation
  6. Spectator carts will not be used for shuttling of players during competition
  7. Spectator's carts may be used to assist with evacuation of players and spectators if play is suspended.

General Spectator Policies

  1. A player may not receive any advice from spectators (parents, relatives, or friends). Examples are:
    • Verbal communication with the participant.
    • Hand signals to the participant, including gestures to influence player decisions.
    • Providing participants with written material
    • Positioning yourself to assist the junior participant with aim or alignment.
  2. Spectators who need to talk with participants (ie. for health reasons, sunscreen, water etc.) should do so in front of other spectators and/or other participants
  3. Spectators are requested to stay 25 yards from the participants.
  4. Do not lag behind the participants, as this often prevents the next group from being able to hit their shots. Ideally, stay 25 yards to the side of the players, move forward to the green when all shots have been completed, and observe the putting green from a reasonable distance and never in front of or behind the players.
  5. Spectators should never be on the putting surface.


A violation of the above rules or policies could result in the elimination of cart usage by the spectator or in the case of advice the 2 stroke penalty will be given under Rule 8 to the player.